5 Best Low Investment Evergreen Business

Today I will tell you all in this post such a technique to do business by which you can simply start your business, do you want to do your own business or dream of doing business, then you can surely realise your desire. .

While on the move, you will find numerous similar company ideas around you, from which you may start with little expenditure.

This is the business ideas that will never flop because in this article I will tell you about such business ideas which will never end in your life but by the way it is tiny business ideas but it also has excellent profit, small business start You may do it from anyplace in the city or village.

Low Investment Evergreen Business

1. Gift Store

Whenever you go to meet someone and that person is really important to you, then you will not like to go empty handed to that person, bringing a present is regarded a forever catch.

Someone has been promoted in Birthday Party, Marriage Ceremony Office, someone has retired and someone has obtained excellent marks in student test, Valentine’s Day and you are seeing someone after a long year or if there is any other particular place, people for that They like to present gifts to each other.

In this method, you can start your business by starting a gift shop, in which investment is cheap and personnel will not be needed much, if you have all the things accessible from children to elderly, then you can earn a lot of money.

2. Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop Maybe you feel a little Affordable after hearing this Idea of ​​Grocery Shop is not common, you will state that Grocery Shop is managed by such brothers and sisters around us. Despite having a grocery shop in the vicinity, why do you transport home things from the city to the shopping mall or super market.

The only problem is that to take this business to the next level, if there is no major grocery shop in your neighbourhood, then you have a possibility to create a supermarket type shop where all the items needed by the people are accessible. Yes and people do not have to roam here and there, the concept of mega market is effective since there is a discount on the items available there.

And people come home with a month’s full of goods in one go, this will offer them more business and more people will not even borrow the products like it occurs from a mall to a supermarket, for this you will need a good journey Which will buy you mall in bulk from a huge dealer or firm.

3. Stationary Shop

People’s everyday items are completed on this stationary shop such as – Chips, Biscuit, Copy, Pen, Paper, Diary, Notepad and soap and shampoo, you get everything from daily usage at Stationary Shop.

Stationary items profit margin is also high and you will not have to spend much money to open your own store, along with this, if you keep Xerox machine, Lamination machine, Coffee Vending Machine or Cold Drink Items in your shop, then you You can become a 1 point solution provider for your customers.

4. Mobile Shop

There is no such day of yours that passes without mobile, neither can you open a mobile shop instead of office because mobile has become a necessity for everyone, every day new models of mobile are coming in the market and since 2 After 3 years people change their mobile, anyway if your mobile is broken or stolen then most of the people take a new phone.

Due to the evolution of technology, today’s repair and replacement spare parts are being created less, so people consider to obtain mobile, separate from this mobile has become a stylish item, whose cover, protective glass, accessories and insurance people spend a lot on it. If you have begun doing this, then you may advance by getting the dealership of any branded firm.

5. Game Parlor

There was a period when games like 99 In 1, Super Mario Bros were the rage but today’s era is of fighting games like Pubg and Free Fire, the fact is that nowadays youngsters play less in the ground and more in mobile.

Cricket football, Ludo Snooker, Action Games are all appearing in mobile, aside from this you have to go to the games parlour for group games and online games which demand computer system and internet access.

Where Headphones, Big Screens, Sound System and other amenities are provided, they charge 20 to ₹ 50 per hour from the gaming parlour to play games. You will have to do it, the youngsters themselves will generate mouth publicity of your business by informing each other.


For all these jobs, you have communication skills, soft skills, customer pleasant conduct and the philosophy to always deliver the best of your work will lead you forward. If you liked our post Low Investment Evergreen Business, then you all must share it with your friends.

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