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High quality yet affordable primes designed in Germany and manufactured in China

KIPON is a manufacturer that has built a solid line of high-speed camera lenses and unique adapters that handle medium format conversion. The company even has discounts for GFX and Sony cameras to match the Mamiya 645 mirror. However, it’s a bit of a niche device, so finding one can be difficult.

Not content to stay in the photography field, lens manufacturers have started the new year by releasing a full line of film-ready lenses for production using mirrorless cameras.

The new KIPON Colibri line of cinema lenses offers focal lengths from wide angle 24mm to 90mm, giving designers even more choice in lens placement. Let’s dive deeper to see what KIPON’s first cinema lens has to offer.

KIPON Colibri Full Frame Cine LensesCredit: KIPON

The first KIPON Cinema Lens

With a strong metal construction, the new KIPON lenses are thick and light with a moisture and dust resistant seal, clarifying a statement: this glass is ready for production. The five full Colibri lenses offer a wide range of options, including Canon RF, Sony E-Mount, and Panasonic L mounts.

Even with Legal efforts by Canon without allowing third-party RF options, it will be interesting to see what RF will offer in terms of capabilities.

The entire KIPON line includes 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 90mm, with a constant T2.5 aperture across the entire focal range of the lens. The lens has a 10-bladed aperture and a 77mm filter size. KIPON also claims that the specially designed iris provides a unique star-shaped bokeh with cinematic quality and exceptional color.

Cinematographers have different tastes though, so it’s up to you to see if you like the look these lenses produce.

Kipon Colibri lens specs
The specifications for the KIPON Colibri full cameraCredit: KIPON

The lens design includes a combination of aspherical elements, low dispersion, and high refraction, which protects against chromatic aberration and other distortions. KIPON also claims that its design will provide well-controlled breathing while concentrating. This is also subjective, so be sure to test these tools before recommending them.


These lenses can be used on RED cinema cameras, including the Komodo and V-Raptor, as well as Sony mirrorless and cinema cameras. The camera supports Canon and Panasonic mirrorless cameras, as well as cinema variants.

Too bad there are no PL mountains on the horizon. With the focus on the thin flange distance, this may not be possible at all.


All lenses offer a 300-degree focus rotation and smooth and precise control thanks to the Swiss drive system. The minimum focusing distance is 9.5 inches (.24m) for the wide-angle 24mm, 13 inches (.33m) for the 35mm, 20 inches (.5m) for the 50mm, 24 inches (.6m) for the 75mm, and 27 inches (.7m) for the 90mm prime.

A New Player Entered

KIPON is a quiet professional in the lens game. As far as we know, the company is not interested in spraying. All he wants to do is make interesting lenses for designers.

Our Technology Editor had a chance to go hands-on with the first production set in early December, and here are the cliff notes:

“Many focal lengths I’ve seen are built like tanks. However, the focus and aperture rings are incredible. I hope that wireless focus control, or budget, is can achieve good clarity. they used them on the V-Raptor RED and RED Komodo, and although they were heavy, the Colibri camera was strong enough not to throw off the balance. This gave me many ideas about gimbal or drone work.”

The entire camera line is available for pre-order at a retail price of $9880, with an expected shipping date of March 1, 2023. However, B&H is listing the set at a discount . It also lists lenses available for Nikon Z-mount and Fujifilm X-mount, which is a nice addition, especially if you’re using the new Fuji X-H2s.

Also, the Colibri set is available directly from KIPON. For more information on this, see the KIPON Colibri website.

What do you think of these new lenses from KIPON? Are you excited or hitting the snooze button? Let us know in the comments!

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