Nazi gold sparks treasure hunts in Dutch towns | Aici

So many armed men have descended on the quiet town in recent days that the local municipality imposed a curfew, and the police began to crack down on the mine hunters as soon as they arrived. .

But some are still stubborn.

Erwin Tuil, a spokesman for the National Archives, said the interest was “unprecedented.”

The documents show at least three failed attempts to find the treasure in the spring of 1947 following the testimony of Helmut Sonder, a German soldier who claimed to have been involved in hiding it. .

‘Troubled Land’

Several factors could explain the failure of previous research, Dutch officials said.

One is that the robbery was a figment of the soldier’s mind, even though he was considered credible at the time.

Another is that it may have been discovered and retrieved, either by the people involved in the original cover-up, or by the people involved in the initial investigation.

Archival documents refer to the last search in August 1947 when investigators noticed a “disturbed ground” before two American officers approached.

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