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The partnership brings premier recruiting events and educational resources to students to find scholarships and career paths

LOS ANGELES, January 23, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PlayVS (aka Play Versus), the industry’s leading high school sports platform, today announces its official partnership with Stay Connected (SPIN), the premier esports recruiting platform aimed at helping esports athletes secure college scholarships. This partnership will bring more college recruiting services, high-level events, and direct education resources PlayVS’ users across the country.

Services, events, facilities and content Stay Connected will provide cooperation with PlayVS will allow coaches, student-athletes and parents to take advantage of college recruiting opportunities. With more than $20 million available for college esports scholarships annually, this partnership will bridge the gap between the fast-growing high school esports scene and the opportunities available more consistently at the college level.

PlayVS again Stay Connected sharing a common vision of a high school sports environment; to help develop the industry and provide pathways to college and beyond,” he said Aakash Ranavat, Chief Business Officer, PlayVS. “This relationship Stay Connected brings both cutting-edge events and the resources needed to unlock the potential for scholarships for students across the country.”

Enter Jabari as a PlayVS Athlete

High school sports have continued to grow rapidly across the country, attracting more schools than ever before. Embracing an esports program has proven benefits, from marked academic improvement to critical thinking, sports expertise and career opportunities gained among students. As high school enrollment continues to grow, so do the opportunities and avenues available to participate in sports at the next level. For example, earlier this month, PlayVS installed Jabari Salaamsenior at Bob Jones High School, whose success playing Madden on PlayVS for the past three seasons with his high school esports program has translated into esports scholarship offers from three different colleges.

“Since the opening season of our school was introduced four years ago, esports has grown in an extraordinary way at my institution,” he said. April Coats, Head Coach, Northside High School, Fort Smith Arkansas. “Since esports is very popular in my district and region, I have realized that finding opportunities for my players to continue competing at the collegiate level is not as clear as some of the old sports. PlayVS establishing relationships Stay ConnectedI feel very confident that I will be able to better understand how to help my athletes find ways to continue competing at the collegiate level and beyond.”

PlayVS’ coaches agree that participating in its esports programs has a positive effect on their players. This partnership ensures that coaches, parents, and athletes have the resources to help open up scholarship opportunities for them to participate in their favorite sport in college.

Founded in 2020, Stay Connected (SPIN), has provided a platform for students to compete in front of a network of hundreds of college sports programs and has become a source of college and high school recruiting opportunities. At the core of Stay Connected The way to do it is to stay focused on educating students and their families about the opportunities that come with participating in the esports space.

“With Stay ConnectedWe have been committed to helping students find opportunities through esports,” he said Rick Suarez, Managing Director, Stay Connected. “This relationship PlayVS it will enable us to have an even greater reach to help continue to provide a clear path of opportunity for students interested in sports, whether that path is to college, to the workforce, or both. We are excited to start with the team at PlayVS as they continue to pioneer solutions that support amateur sports.”

Enter Kai Hickey

“During my senior year of high school, I was very focused on my job at UPS as I knew it would help me in the real world when I graduated. After playing Rocket League on the Stay Plugged In platform in the recruiting competition, I was approached by a number of college coaches. I worked with a recruiting specialist at -SPIN for really helping me choose the right school for me. I didn’t know that college could be a possibility for me. With the help from SPIN, I have also worked on my career. video editing skills as a student. I am now competing with my colleagues at Columbia College in hopes of doing more video editing as a career when I graduate, and the best part is how supportive my parents have been. Esports has had a huge impact on my life.”

Schools interested in starting an esports program can register at

How PlayVS x Always Connected will work:

  • Stay Plugged In will host two free PlayVS Showcase recruitment events per year aimed specifically at PlayVS students.

  • Signing Day videos, player highlights, and capital recap content.

  • Exclusive participation of college recruits in Showcase and Championship events.

  • Dedicated educational resources created for PlayVS users, and access to Stay Plugged In Carry2College recruiting events.


PlayVS promotes high school sports competition with the goal of providing players with the best competitive and community-driven experience. PlayVS has become the trusted and chosen platform in the United States and Canada to empower High School and through strategic partnerships with the NFHS Network, Special Olympics and 23 state organizations, the PlayVS High School platform allows students to compete in state and regional competitions. . Additionally, partnerships with top game publishers enable the PlayVS platform to offer today’s most popular games to gamers. To learn more visit


Stay Plugged In (SPIN) is the premier esports recruiting platform for college scholarships. They are an esports company from Charlotte, North Carolina that serves all of North America. Stay Plugged In began operations in 2020 to educate students and parents about the educational and professional opportunities available to sports athletes. Esports professionals who go through the Stay Plugged In program are among the most connected players and professionals in the market, making them the most versatile and sought-after talent in the industry. Their motto is, “Better Player. Better Person. Better Recruit.” perfectly sums up their mission to educate students to be more marketable and better prepared to take advantage of the connections that Stay Plugged In and their student network provide. Stay Plugged In has encouraged communication with students from several continents including North America, South America, Europe and Asia. He currently sits as an industry leader in providing unique and innovative esports rental events, projects ranging from online rental leagues to physical exhibitions, and LAN rental providers. Stay Plugged In is your go-to source for esports learning opportunities. For more information visit or contact

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