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DAVOS – The head of the European Union announced an ambitious plan on Tuesday to challenge China and the United States in the race for cleantech industries, as a green trade war erupted in the the World Economic Forum.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen criticized what she described as “dramatic attempts” to lure Europe’s clean-tech industrial capacity to China and other countries.

“China is heavily subsidizing its industry and restricting access to its market for EU companies,” he told world political and business elites at the meeting. held annually in the Swiss Alpine town of Davos.

“We will not hesitate to open an investigation if we believe that any procurement or other market has been circumvented by such financing.”

He also renewed European concerns about the US Anti-Inflation Act, a $370 billion climate finance package, although he said both sides were working to find “solutions” that could include allowing the electric cars made in the EU to benefit from the event.

“Our goal is to avoid disruptions in transatlantic trade and investment. We should strive to ensure that each incentive program is fair and mutually supportive,” he said.

The week-long forum is being held under the theme of “cooperation in a midnight world” as the planet faces a perfect storm – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation , the risk of recession and the threat of climate change.

However, tensions between world powers continued to emerge at the meetings in Davos.

– ‘Cold War Attitudes –

In his speech after von der Leyen, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He called for an end to the “cold war mentality” and reiterated Beijing’s opposition to “unilateralism and protectionism”.

In a separate discussion, US climate envoy John Kerry said countries complaining about the Affordable Care Act should try to emulate the United States.

“The reaction of other countries should not be, ‘Oh God, you shouldn’t do this, it puts us in an unfair position’. Do it too,” he said.

“Everyone must do the same thing to further accelerate this process,” Kerry added.

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