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LOS ANGELES – His recent hit movie “Elvis” is a frontrunner for the Oscars, but Tom Hanks was surprised to receive three nominations from the Razzies, which “celebrate” the worst movies of the year.

Hanks is credited with tongue-in-cheek awards for his role as Presley’s manager in the rock ‘n’ roll biopic “Elvis,” and Geppetto in the live remake of Disney’s “Pinocchio.”

A press release from Razzies organizers called Hanks’ “Elvis” performance “the most mocked performance of 2022,” and garnered an additional nomination for “worst on-screen couple.” ” for “Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Lodicrous Accent). )..”

While “Elvis” and its star Austin Butler received general acclaim, Hanks’ appearance as his abusive manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was panned by many critics.

The New York Times review said that Hanks appears “with a mountain of prosthetic goo, a weird accent and yes-I’m-very-real in his eyes”, and portrays Parker to be “a little bit of a cook, part full Mephistopheles. .”

“Disney’s Pinocchio” is among five “worst picture” nominees for the annual Golden Raspberry — or Razzie — awards, as is the controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde.”

Also in the running were Razzies regular Jared Leto’s Punch Bag, and the Spider-Man spinoff “Morbius.”

Just last year Leto was named worst supporting actor for his fantastic performance — complete with a campy Italian accent and heavy prosthetics — in “House of Gucci.”

The Razzies are usually announced the day before the Oscars, making a mockery of Tinseltown’s wishes the following night.

But last year, the Razzies were left embarrassed, after a joke created a new category labeled “Bruce Willis’ worst performance in a movie 2021” to accommodate all the questionable results of the star “Die Hard”.

Organizers canceled the award after Willis’ family revealed he had a mental disorder called aphasia.

This year’s Academy Award nominations will be announced on Tuesday.

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