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Company announcement No. 4 – 23
24 January 2023

Transactions related to the conclusion of the share repurchase program

Opened 6 December 2022 NTG Nordic Transport Group (“NTG”) has announced a share buyback plan, as described in company announcement no. 27 – 22. The program will be carried out in accordance with the terms of Regulation No. 596/2014 European Parliament and Council of 16 April 2014 (MAR) and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052, also referred to as the Safe Harbor Regulations.

The purposes of the share repurchase program are to meet obligations related to the acquisition of shares of minority shareholders in NTG subsidiaries under the “Ring-the-Bell” concept, to cover obligations arising under share incentive programs, and possibly for other purposes. such as payment related to potential M&A transactions.

Under the share buyback plan NTG will buy back its shares at the aggregate total value DKK 50,000,000up to 240,000 shares (nominally DKK 4,800,000), corresponding to 1.06% of NTG’s current share capital.

The share buyback program will start from 7 December 2022 to 7 March 2023 later, both days are combined.

The following activities have been carried out under the share buyback plan:

Number of shares Average purchase price (DKK) Transaction amount (DKK)
A consolidated, recent announcement 191,885 46,808,818
17 January 2023 2,780 258.6 718,955
18 January 2023 3,712 261.4 970,208
19 January 2023 3,951 259.7 1,026,201
20 January 2023 1,833 259.6 475,780
Collected under the program 204,161 49,999,961

Through the aforementioned transaction, NTG has 877,862 treasury shares, which corresponds to 3.88% of NTG’s current share capital.

Details of each transaction are included as an appendix.

The share buyback program announced in company announcement no. 27 – 22 is now concluded as 204,161 shares, corresponding to a combined value of DKK 49,999,961it has been repurchased.

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