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Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has released a statement on allegations of high profile abuse at Entebbe Airport which emerged after rapper Don MC Kapata revealed he was not allowed to fly due to his refusal to pay a Sh3.7 million bribe. dollars.

The rapper wrote on his Twitter account and insisted that the airport is full of arrogant, incompetent and corrupt staff whose main job is to deliberately not leave the flight.

The “Yes Yes” rapper said there are kidnappings at the airport after he was involved in an incident where he refused to give money to the staff who demanded he pay.

He noted that he overheard one of them telling a colleague not to let him out if he refused to pay the bribe which eventually resulted in him missing the flight.

“Entebbe Airport is full of ignorant, arrogant, incompetent, corrupt people… … The main job of these men is to make passengers miss their flights,” he wrote on Twitter. .

“Recently I missed my flight because I refused to give them the $1,000 they asked for so they could let me on the flight I already had a ticket for.

The statement issued by the UCAA says that the authorities regret and acknowledge the wrongdoing of the airport saying that anyone who reports clear evidence will be subject to the control committee and will be dealt with accordingly.

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