Wayra has made a global investment of 5.7 million euros in 40 startups by 2022, of which 16 are Spanish. | Aici

During 2022, Wayra worked with partners to find and support startups in specific sectors. The highlight is the partnership with Desigual for the FashionTech industry, on the one hand, and Sportboost, the accelerator founded by Iker Casillas for SportTech, on the other.

Currently, Telefónica’s open innovation center looks ahead with a focus on business opportunities between startups and Telefónica, from web3, 5G, Internet of things ( loT), artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, robotics and cloud computing, among other technologies.

By 2022, Wayra has made a global investment of 5.7 million euros in 40 startups, 16 of which are Spanish, with an investment of 1.8 million euros.

“From Wayra, we are very proud of our achievements and the learning we have done to improve every year. In this year 2022 we have continued to show our commitment to the business environment, working to protect to bring innovation and implement the most disruptive technologies, through our startup, to Telefónica customers in all the countries where we operate,” said Andrés Saborido, global director. the Wayra.

The beginning and the stage

One of the many areas that Wayra is focusing on in 2022 is health and sports with Indya, a Valencian company that has been in the food sector for ten years and two years ago made the leap -technology to become a benchmark application in Spain for food. and performance. Sportsmen Iker Casillas and Rudy Fernández became responsible for starting with Pau Gasol.

Also related to the world of sports, last year Wayra bet on Metasoccer, a new game proposal created by Champion Games, a start-up in Barcelona that is a benchmark in the field of video games .

Fintech is also one of the key sectors in 2022, which includes investments in Brand.app, a financial platform popular with young people; Devengo, a platform for instant transfers; or Crossmint, the first platform for simplifying the buying and selling of digital assets (NFT), whose payment API helps its customers to process payments in bulk programmatically and instantly.

As part of Wayra’s commitment to startups that facilitate the entire e-commerce value chain, Qoala and Rever stand out. Qoala allows users, through browser extensions and apps, to find and apply online discount coupons and earn money at over 3,000 stores. Meanwhile, Rever has developed software that automates e-commerce returns and streamlines the return process for online purchases.

He also invested in Haddock, the only software in Europe that helps restaurateurs improve cost control. With just a photo of an invoice, delivery note or receipt, this Catalan startup can transform documents and extract all the information thanks to artificial intelligence to understand price fluctuations and improve margins.

In education, Wayra has invested in the startup Smowltech, which offers monitoring solutions to help educational institutions and companies validate online exams, improve the quality of remote training and make it it will be easier.

Within the Web3 arena, Wayra has invested in startups such as Gamium, a global digital identity proposition, and Internxt, a dedicated cloud storage provider that uses blockchain technology. to encrypt and decrypt files increasing the privacy and security of its users.

In addition, Wayra has renewed its commitment to other sectors such as Health, with a reinvestment in Idoven, a cardiology platform led by Artificial Intelligence; Agrotech, with its reinvestment in Auravant, a tool for crop improvement; or Proptech, with reinvestment in Floorfy.

A year of investment in Wayra Spain, but also sales. Two actions in the cybersecurity portfolio stand out: the purchase of HDIV from NASDAQ-listed Datadog and the acquisition of Pridatect from the Singaporean company Borneo.io, founded by the former CISO Yahoo and Uber.

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