What is web hosting?

If you have a little understanding of the internet world, then you must have heard about hosting at some time or the other. So in today’s post, we will know what is hosting and what are the varieties of hosting, we will know everything in depth about what form of hosting you should buy to host your website.

What is web hosting?

When we save some file in our computer and install it on our local server and utilise it as website, then all that work wakes up from our local computer and displays us. Here our machine is operating like a local server.

If you wish that your website can be visited from any part of the world, then in the same circumstance you need hosting to host your website where you keep all the files of your website and that server. But the stored data may also be accessible from any part of the world, where all those data is saved, it is called hosting.

Types Of Hosting What are the varieties of hosting?

By the way, there are various forms of hosting at this moment. But I am telling you everything about some of the primary hosting here which you may read below.

1. Shared Hosting

You must have heard the name of Ola Cab. What occurs in this, you have to share by several individuals in the same Ola Cab, which minimises their cast.

With the same manner, in Shared Hosting, the same CPU is provided to use by many individuals, owing to which their cost is extremely low. In this, many people host their website in the same hosting, therefore its plan is extremely inexpensive.

If you are entirely new in the business of blogging then you may start your blogging career with Shared Hosting and if you have funds then you can attempt better hosting than this.

2. VPS Hosting

The full term of VPS is Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is superior than shared hosting. On this, you are granted a server in which just your website is housed. In this you may host all one website or several websites. It absolutely depends on you how you want to use it.

3. Dedicated Hosting

If your website gets traffic in lakhs everyday, in such case you have to utilise dedicated hosting. For example you may check at sarkariresult.com, because that website receives traffic in millions every day.

On Dedicated Hosting, whatever CPU is assigned to you, just your website is hosted in that CPU and which only you can administer. That’s why it is called Dedicated Hosting. As the name says, it is dedicated to one item exclusively.

4. Cloud Hosting

What occurs with Cloud Hosting is that the location of your server is connected together, therefore in such a circumstance, when the request comes from around the server, it picks up the data from there and presents it so that your internet speed rises greatly. Another advantage is that your data is put on several servers, thanks to which there is a low chance of losing the data of the website.

If your website gets 5 to 10000 traffic everyday, then in such a circumstance you may go with Cloud Hosting. The cost of cloud hosting might range from 500 per month to more or less depending to your demand.


In today’s essay, what is crest hosting, what are the varieties of hosting, what form of hosting can you get for your blog or website. If you have any query or suggestion of any way in your mind, then you can comment me and if you all enjoy this post of ours today, then all of you can share it with all your friends so that they too To know what is hosting and what are the forms of hosting.

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