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In general, for computer components, low temperature is better than high temperature. But everything is relative. For example, the Chinese enthusiast from the city of Mohe decided to see how the PC behaves on the street when the temperature is -53 degrees.

the first phase of the project with the old CPU

He built a computer based on Core i9-13900K and GeForce RTX 4090. Originally a liquid system was used for cooling, but eventually it just froze and stopped working. So the cooler Noctua NH-P1 was installed. An array of industrial fans was installed next to the PC.

What happens if a PC with a Core i9-13900K and a GeForce RTX 4090 is placed outside in 50 degree frost.  A Chinese from Mohe made such an experiment

second step with Core i9-13900K

As a result, the temperature of the CPU is 10-15 degrees, so it is easily overclocked to 6.18 GHz. The GPU without load is cooler (-40 degrees), but under load the temperature rises to 30 degrees.

The PC stayed in the cold for most of the night and continued to work, even though the cables were covered in ice. It should also be noted that at first the author assembled a PC with an old Intel processor, where there is no CO under load, except for 1-3 degrees.

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