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Below is a list of planning applications received by our local Wiltshire Council during the week ending Sunday, January 15.


Application Ref PL/2023/00219 – Proposal Applies to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 50 CHURCH STREET, AMESBURY, SALISBURY, SP4 7EU Proposal: T1 London plane tree. Raise the crown/untie the side branches x2. T2 flight from London. Raising the crown to match t1 no big branches will come out.

Broad Chalke

Application Ref PL/2023/00242 – Proposed Works on Trees in Conservation Area Address: Bank Opposite POOL HOUSE, SOUTH STREET, BROAD CHALKE, SALISBURY, SP5 5DN Proposal: T1,T2 Conifer trees growing along power lines on the beach. towards the Pool House it gets too long and you are sure to cut the ropes when they come down. It is recommended to fall.

Application Ref PL/2023/00145 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: ORCHARD HOUSE, LITTLE LONDON, BROAD CHALKE, SALISBURY, SP5 5HL Proposal: Following consultation with several local arborists:. 1. Prune the Yew tree by about 30%, maintain/restore the correct shape of the tree. it has grown into small shoots that are not natural). 4. Remove one apple tree on the west side of the house, by the garage, and replace it with a flowering tree just inside the west garden border (this apple tree is often damaged by delivery vans snapping branches as they drive by. The tree also drops apples all over the path and is crushed passing vehicles).. 5. Remove some overhanging branches, with the consent of the owners where appropriate, on our eastern and southern borders which hang too low. they prevent entering the garden when mowing the lawn, they are injured by passing cars on the road, and so on.


Ref Ref PL/2023/00101 – Removal or Variation of Condition Address: Chilmark Manor Farm, Chilmark, Salisbury SP3 5AF Proposal: Variation of condition 2 and removal of condition 3 of planning permission PL/2021/03621 (Establishment of steel framing for -B2, B8 and E (g) for use, parking and related activities). to replace the external objects proposed. Name of applicant: RAW Planning Ltd


Reference Ref PL/2022/09788 – Owner Application Address: WALNUT HOUSE, , CHOLDERTON, SALISBURY, SP4 0DH Proposal: Demolition of existing outbuilding and creation of new extension to provide new kitchen, boot room and WC with bedroom and en- suite above. New 2 bay carport and garage.

Coombe Bissett

Application Ref PL/2023/00172 – Proposed Works on Trees in Conservation Area: LIME TREE HOUSE, HOMINGTON ROAD, COOMBE BISSETT, SALISBURY, SP5 4LR Proposal: Weeping Birch tree – 30% canopy reduction.


Application Number PL/2023/00245 – Landlord Application Address: 14 JOANNA CLOSE, DOWNTON, SALISBURY, SP5 3NP Proposal: To demolish the existing garage and construct a single storey extension.

East Knoyle

Application Number PL/2023/00213 – Full Planning Permission Address: 3 OLD MILL CLOSE, EAST KNOYLE, SALISBURY, SP3 6EX Proposal: Construction of a single 2 bedroom house on a garden plot.

The Fovant

Application Ref PL/2022/09490 – Full Planning Consent Address: Manor Farm, Church Lane, Fovant, SP3 5LA Proposal: Application for the conversion of recreational and tourist facilities on 2.39 hectares of land at Manor Farm, Fovant to accommodate three shepherds. huts (all year round) and up to 10 campsites in the summer season.


Application Ref PL/2023/00192 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 1 BECKFORD COTTAGES, HINDON, SALISBURY, SP3 6ED Proposal: Holm Oak – reduce one trunk by 40%.


Ref PL/2022/09489 Application – Full Planning Permission Address: 14 Bourne Gardens, Porton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 0NU Proposal: Resubmission of PL/2022/03117 for elevation change to rear facade.


Application Ref PL/2022/09755 – Full Planning Permission Address: Landford Wood Farm, Landford Wood, Wiltshire Proposal: Retention of an agricultural barn.


Reference Ref PL/2022/09357 – Full Planning Consent Address: New Hall Hospital, Bodenham, Salisbury, Wilts, SP5 4EW Proposal: Proposed glazed link and glazed screens. Name of applicant: Ramsay Health Care (UK) Limited.

Pitton and Farley

Application Ref PL/2023/00198 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: BENACHIE, HIGH STREET, PITTON, SALISBURY, SP5 1DQ Proposal: T1 – Apple tree – prune up to 2m. T2 – Apple tree – prune to 1m. T3 – Apple tree – prune to 3m. T4 – Hawthorn Tree – reduces crown by 10%. T5 – Unnamed tree – reduces crown by 10%.


Application Number PL/2023/00163 – Landlord Application Address: MCQUEEN HOUSE, SLAB LANE, WOODFALLS, SALISBURY, SP5 2ND Proposal: Single storey extension.


Application Ref PL/2023/00270 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 58, The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EX Proposal: One mature Copper Beech in the rear garden of the Rifles Wardrobe Museum. The tasks required are the reduction of the crown by 2-3m and the strengthening of any dead wood. The tasks are to reduce the risk of branch failure in bad weather, including hot, dry summer.. . Works recommended by David Cashman Dip Arb, CUEW, FArborA, Barrel Tree Consultancy.

Application Number PL/2023/00231 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: ORCHARD MEADOW, HARNHAM ROAD, HARNHAM, SALISBURY, SP2 8JN Proposal: 12 x Willow trees – pollard.

Application Ref PL/2023/00202 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 47 BEDWIN STREET, SALISBURY, SP1 3UT Proposal: T2 – Sycamore – pruning crown and jointed stems combined with bark union – remove tree at ground level.

Application Ref PL/2023/00144 – Works on Protected Tree Address: 33 BISHOPS DRIVE, EAST HARNHAM, SALISBURY, SP2 8NZ Proposal: Beech (T001) – Crown reduction – reduce branch limit by selectively reducing secondary and tertiary branches by up to 3 -4m -> reduce the final weight -> reduce the risk of “stress fork fracture” in the main fork union.. . Beech (T002) – Reducing the height – reduce the height by selecting the secondary and upper level branches up to 4-5m -> reduce the failure of the trunk or roots (The tree has a fungal disease Kretzschmaria deusta).. . (Beech trees T003 and T004 no action required). . Western Red Cedar (T005) – Cut the side branches back over the garage to give about 2m clearance.. . Western Red Cedar (T006) – Tree cut down to ground level and replaced with one suitable tree species. A poor crown canopy and a great flexibility of leaves; back to the lowest branches and the middle branches.

Application Ref PL/2022/09620 – Removal or Variation of Condition Address: Units 10 and 11, Barnack Business Centre, Blakey Road, Salisbury, SP1 2LP Proposal: Removal of Condition 7 in S/87/ 1908/TP to allow unrestricted opening hours. Name of applicant: Samaritans of Salisbury and District.


Application Ref PL/2023/00300 – Proposed Works on Trees in Nature Conservation Area Address: ST PETERS CHURCH, ROOKERY LANE, SWALLOWCLIFFE, SP5 3NU Proposal: Remove 2 Golden Lawsons.


Reference Ref PL/2023/00238 – Applies to Protected Tree Address: 2 CHESTNUT, NEPAUL ROAD, TIDWORTH, SP9 7EU Proposal: Horse Chestnut Tree (T11 of TPO E/2011/00002) – reduce by one third.


Application Number PL/2022/09534 – Landlord Application Address: 3 KNAPP HOLLOW, TISBURY, SALISBURY, SP3 6DQ Proposal: Proposed enclosed porch to replace existing property.


Application Ref PL/2023/00224 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: LITTLE ORCHARD, COMMON ROAD, WHITEPARISH, SALISBURY, SP5 2SU Proposal: T1- Ash, to reduce to 6-7m this tree was previously pollinated. and now it grows over the neighbors and goes out to increase its position. . T2- Sweet Chestnut- will be cut back from the neighbor’s garden due to the wide overhang. . T3- Ash was lowered about 3-4m due to the size and hole in the trunk from the previous limb removal. . T4- Ash will be reduced by about 2m due to size and scrubbing/joining of the base. . T5- Macrocarpa is pinned back away from the garden. . G1- a small group of unhealthy fruit trees to be removed and 2x Small pear reduced.

Reference Ref PL/2022/09820 – Full Planning Consent Address: Torlundy, Newton Lane, Whiteparish, Salisbury, Wilts, SP5 2QQ Proposal: Rear change of land use to domestic garden.


Application Ref PL/2023/00157 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 42 WEST STREET, WILTON, SALISBURY, SP2 0DG Proposal: T1 – Pear tree – fallen.


Application Ref PL/2023/00173 – Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area Address: 2 TANNERS YARD, WINTERBOURNE EARLS, SALISBURY, SP4 6HD Proposal: T1 – Silver Birch Tree – fallen.

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