Wuhan’s crowded markets are celebrating the New Year, but the sadness remains | Aici

On Saturday, a few hours before the New Year 2023, the town seemed to be back to normal and preparing for the festival which is the most important family gathering of the year.

Colorful lanterns and branches decorated the city’s Jianghan shopping district and banners with hearts reading “I love Wuhan”.

An elderly man was busy pushing his bicycle loaded with groceries and food, while a couple with a baby crammed onto a scooter as they returned from the shops.

“Of course it’s better after opening,” Ms Zhu told AFP as she bought decorative flowers.

“Now, since everyone has had Covid, we can have a good Chinese New Year. It makes us very happy.”

Business is back to normal for florists after years of war.

“At the beginning of the year with Covid, we had no business,” said Ms Liu, a woman trader in her 60s.

“When we reopened, we have more business.”

Ms. Tao, another shopkeeper, made flower arrangements.

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